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Thank you for your passion to make a better world for girls.

Yuwa uses football as a platform to combat child marriage and human trafficking in India. We operate in Jharkhand, a region with the highest prevalence of child marriages and human trafficking in India, with an estimated 100,000 girls trafficked each year.

Through football, Yuwa provides a platform for young women to gain confidence and skills to make positive changes in their lives. Yuwa’s girls have inspired tens of millions of people throughout India and around the world with their achievements.

A number of sponsorship opportunities are available for your organization to support Yuwa, our mission and our movement. With the support of partners like you, Yuwa can continue improve and expand to directly reach thousands of girls in Jharkhand, and inspire millions more. Our team will be pleased to discuss this with you and continue taking this relationship forward.


When a girl joins a Yuwa team, a new world opens up to her. She gets connected with quality education, learns about her body and her rights, and becomes a role model for hundreds of girls in her community. Her journey begins with football.

For many Yuwa players, traveling a mere 20 km for a match is the farthest they’ve been from their own village. Football does more than build strong bodies and confidence: It gives girls the freedom to be outside their homes, make new friends, and explore powerful opportunities they may never have considered. Help girls begin their journey today by sponsoring Yuwa’s football teams.



Yuwa Plays:

30 matches per year. The fuel and food costs to compete in local matches take Yuwa teams all over the state of Jharkhand.


Yuwa Journeys:

2 trips per year. These trips combine cultural activities and exchanges with out-of-state tournaments.


Yuwa Competes:

10 tournaments per year. By competing against higher level teams, Yuwa girls test their skills against the best.


Sponsor a Yuwa Gamechangers Classroom today.

Quality education unlocks a world of possibility. Inside a simple concrete classroom, Yuwa girls use technology to discover the wonders of language, math, and science. In the Indian state ranked worst for female illiteracy, Yuwa girls defy the odds–and define their own futures.

Yuwa’s award-winning education program, Kicking It New School, uses Khan Academy’s renowned online curriculum and peer-learning to improve players’ developmental math skills. Students use tablets to engage with interactive video lectures and problem sets. The most proficient students become trainers who recruit and assist new students. Peer-to-peer learning makes this model sustainable and highly scaleable. You can give girls a space of their own, explore their potential and bring their dreams within reach.

Yuwa Education

Want to Change the World? When you educate a girl, everything changes.


Light to Study:

Solar generator/UPS

A little light goes a long way; a consistent power supply allows classes to continue at any hour.


Teach to Engage:

Education Director

Salary for a year brings a world-class tutor with the ideas and energy to spark the imaginations of Yuwa students.


Connect to Explore:

50 tablets and E-library

Through technology, girls can explore far beyond the reaches of their village. Tablets include access to online lectures and thousands of books.


Build to Reach:

Gamechangers Classroom

It all starts in Yuwa’s basic classroom design; a safe place for hundreds of girls to meet, learn, share… and grow


What happens when girls from villages in Jharkhand travel thousands of miles to compete in international tournaments?

They build a social network of friends from around the globe. They learn about new languages, cultures, and lifestyles. They test their football skills against the best teams in the world. They share their stories.

The girls chosen for international tournaments are the most outstanding leaders in Yuwa. They are chosen based on their drive to improve themselves and their teammates, their positive character as ranked by their teammates, and their stellar attendance.

With the chance to test themselves in international competition, Yuwa girls become an inspiration for millions of girls and women throughout India.


Crossing Borders:

Passports and Visas for a team of Yuwa girls


Fueled to Win:

Food and lodging abroad for a typical week-long tournament


Round-trip Airfare and Local Transport


Your generous support as a partner keeps girls moving ahead on the football ground, inside the classroom, and in their own lives.



Meet the Girls:
Press conference with visit by Yuwa team to company, and inspirational speeches by Yuwa girls themselves to employees and their families.

Sporting Your Name:
Your company’s logo on back of Yuwa’s tournament jerseys, track suits and polo shirts.

Yuwa Wall:
Your company’s name and logo on Yuwa’s website as a Champion Partner.



Sporting Your Name:
Your company’s logo on back of Yuwa’s tournament jerseys, track suits and polo shirts.

Yuwa Wall:
Your company’s name and logo on Yuwa’s website as a Champion Partner.



Yuwa Wall:
Your company’s name and logo on Yuwa’s website as a Champion Partner.

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