Yuwa Internships

Seeking an adventure of a lifetime that will fill your heart with joy, inspire a world of change and challenge you to think outside the box, while you learn how to maximize your creativity and life skills? Our interns are game-changers, groundbreakers, pioneers and just about the most amazing people you will ever meet!

Don’t expect a 9-5 type typical teaching job with us! We guarantee this is the type of experience that proves the saying ‘you get back what you put in’ so make the most of every day! An internship at Yuwa might be just the right fit for you if you fit the following…

  • Have a university degree (preferably in social work, education, or psychology)
  • Are experienced working with adolescents, specifically girls
  • Able to speak Hindi (recommended but not required)
  • Resourceful, creative, innovative: must be able to “think outside the box” – we often need creative solutions to simple tasks
  • Positive mentor and role model: honest, enthusiastic, compassionate, and patient
  • Able to live in a village without modern amenities – in other words, outdoorsy and adventurous personalities flourish!
  • Are flexible and adaptable to the challenges of rural India (sense of humour is recommended)

Yuwa India is seeking applicants for an intern to assist and develop several grassroots initiatives for girls in rural India. These projects are in the fields of education, health, sports for development, and fundraising. The main responsibilities of the intern will be personalised based on the individual’s own skills and interests. First things first, tell us about yourself and contact us at :

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