Why Football?

96% of female CEOs have played team sports

Yuwa uses football to empower girls in some of the poorest communities in India. 
Nothing brings together a community of young women like team sports. Football is simple, safe and inexpensive – an extraordinarily powerful platform to bring girls out of isolation and into a positive team environment.

Football gives girls an outlet and forum for self-expression and self-improvement, a place where a girl realizes her self-worth and her power to break the cycle of poverty

Quote from Kusum, age 13, Yuwa player since 2009:

“Earlier we used to live in a careless way, that way of living wasn’t good… We didn’t pay much attention to ourselves because nobody paid much attention to us. Now we help each other, and we’re friends with lots of girls we didn’t know before. We met them through football.

Girls who don’t play football get married off very young. Girls who play football don’t get married early, and when somebody wants to marry them off, our coaches talk to them and make them understand that she shouldn’t get married right now because she’s very young. I want to become somebody, and then I’ll get married.

I want to play football because I want to lift up my family’s name, my village’s name, my country’s name… and also, my own name.

I want people to know who I am.”

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