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This Yuwa website was created for the organization completely pro-bono by GiantSky.  The efforts were inspired by Bula’s girls including Malaika, Gaia and Leah – and Bula’s father Kugi Dharambir Bhullar.


I am inspired by the incredible work that Yuwa is doing for the girls.  They are an inspiration for selfless giving, diligence in practice, and girl empowerment.  They make a real difference in the lives of so many little girls in an environment that is burdened by rituals, domestication, and the lack of access.  It’s incredible and powerful because the Yuwa girls have responded by showing India and the world what a great untapped resource our little girls are.  They have done this through hard work and the merits of their achievements.  Yuwa is simply awesome.

Bula      Creative Director & Partner     GiantSky

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My name is Malaika.  My sister Gaia and I love to play soccer.  We saw pictures of the Yuwa girls and we wanted to play soccer with them.  We hope they win!

Malaika & Gaia

daughters of Leah and Bula who were instrumental in making their dad take on this project.

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Being of Indian origin and a huge soccer fan, I have always been deeply concerned with how girls have not had the same access as boys with regard to sports and education.  What Yuwa does should inspire India and the governments of the world to lift up our girls, educate them, and empower them.  I hope hundreds of thousands of girls have the opportunity that Yuwa has provided to the girls of India.

Kugi Dharambir Bhullar & Guljit Bhullar

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